hello,I am Susan.

I write code.

Hello, there!

I'm a passionate Software Developer with an eye for good design

I specialize in building clean, stunning and responsive applications, improving user interfaces and providing creative solutions

When I'm not coding, you'll most likely find me in the gym, watching a movie, reading a book or checking how many calories are in mango soup :)

Susan - Software Developer, Foodie & Fitness Addict

what i do.

Front End Development

I make quality use of web technologies to bring stunning and responsive designs to life.

Full-Stack Development

I build production level apps from scratch, work with databases, back end technologies, client side tech, web servers and everything in between.


I help people out with annoying bugs or just any information I can help out with.

I am available for freelance projects.

Let's work together!

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Contact my phone on +234-7011833492 or just send me a mail here

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